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Why Australia? You ask.


Australia is filled with cosmopolitan cities, coral reefs, arid desert-scapes, and ancient rocks. You can see tropical and temperate forests, as well as some of the most stunning and least spoiled coastlines in the world.

It is a place where the people are friendly and make you feel at home. They know the importance of having fun and want to share that with all who visit.

If that is not enough to convince you to visit Australia, imagine all of the wild life you will see including kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, Tasmanian devils and so many other exotic, cute and fun animals.

The simple answer: Australia is surprising and offers much more to see, do, and experience than you can imagine!

8 Things Surprise Most First Time Australian Visitors

Australia is diverse, it’s different, it’s exciting, it’s beautiful, and for many, it is a bit surprising! Whether it is the wildlife, food, or the people, most visitors leave saying they were surprised. But, I am not one to travel unprepared, and I don’t you unprepared either. Let me share with you eight things that surprise most first time Australia visitors — then maybe you too will feel prepared.

1.Australia is Larger than You Think – Saying you are going to see Sydney during your week long vacation is one thing, but saying you are going to see Australia in one week is another — it’s impossible. Australia is an enormous country, and it would take weeks to see even the most popular areas. Don’t try to see it all in one trip; pick a few areas you want to see, and account for the time it will take you to get to and from each location.

2.Massive Areas of Nothing – If you do plan on traveling around the country to see different places, don’t be shocked when you see an abundance of nothing after departing the city. There will be no suburbs or touristy type stops; there will only be you and the ‘Bush’ as Australians lovingly refer to the wild.

3.Lots of Historical Sites – When you think about historic places around the world, you probably don’t think about Australia. But, it isn’t that Australia doesn’t have a colorful history, it is just that it is notas publicized as other countries. In addition to the world famous Opera House, there are other sites from World War II and cultural museums showcasing the history of Australia worth visiting. Pay attention to the sights surrounding you, and you are likely to see plenty of signs that will fill you in our Australia’s rich history.

4.Fabulous Food – The quality of the food in Australia is very high; thus the food tastes great. Even when you eat at a pub or speedy restaurant you can expect your food to taste much better than anything you could get at a comparable place back home. But beware, they do love beetroot and put it in a lot of their foods.

5.Tipping is Optional – American’s tend to follow the rule that if you go to a restaurant you tip. Or if someone helps you with bags, or does something you think is beyond the norm, you tip. But in Australia, tipping is entirely optional. No one ever expects to receive a tip, even with exceptional service, and there is no pressure. But, if you do decide to share your wealth with others, they are grateful.

6.Australian Outlets – Mostofus travel with our favorite electronics, but when you go to Australia, you need to prepare yourself that your plugs won’t fit into their plugs. Nope,they are not the plugs we see in the United States or Europe; they are their very own Australian plug. So look into getting adapters before you travel.

7.“Mate” is Not Necessarily Friendly – Australians refer to everyone as “mate,”and I mean everyone. Although it sounds like the way we might say “buddy” or “amigo”, that is not how “mate” is meant. The only true way to tell how the person calling you “mate” feels is to listen to how they say the word. If they are short and sharp with their “mate”, they probably don’t think much of you. But, if they stretch the word out elongating the “aaaaaaate” they are definitely showing some affection.

8.Kangaroos are Huge!!! – You may have seen a kangaroo in the United States at a zoo and think you know what to expect, but you don’t! TheKangaroos in Australia are much larger than the ones you have seen. Grey kangaroos are large, but red ones are huge. A full grown adult male kangaroo can reach any where from six to seven feet tall. I won’t be surprised if you still stumble upon a few more things that surprise you during your trip to Australia, but hopefully, you do feel a little more prepared.

If you are still in the planning stages of your vacation, contact me, I’d love to help with your travel arrangements. Safe Travels!!

Love from Australia x

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