chi-go ichi-e

Why Japan? You ask.

I don’t know where to start because there are so many reasons to visit Japan — so let’s start with the food. If you love sushi like I love sushi, no other place in the world makes it better than Japan; every roll is incredibly fresh and looks like a piece of art. Wash it down with some sake. There are lots of different varieties of sake, so you should try as many as possible.

Not only is your sushi made with an artistic flare, but when you order a cup of coffee, the foam on top is crafted into a beautiful picture. But art in Japan stretches well beyond the making of food and is found almost every where you look. Here you see the most beautiful Japanese gardens, castles, temples, and shrines.

Then there is the history and traditions: Japan is home to Samurais, swords, and noble warriors. The world of Geishas, Sumo Wrestling, and Zen Buddhism fill its history along with the present. Origami and other ancient traditions are still practiced and seen through out the region.

If you have a geeky side, you will love the robots, gadgets, and all things tech. Personally, I love the Japanese toilets that warm your tush, clean you off, and play music — in fact, I loved it so much I had to get one for my home. And then there are the bullet trains that quickly allow you to travel the country with ease. Oh and I almost forgot, you can buy everything you could want from a vending machine — even ice cream.

Did you know that many of your favorite things come from Japan; Karaoke, Puppy Cafes, Hello Kitty, and Japanese Fashion are just a few. And if you like Manga and Anime you will die just looking at the size of the stores here.

Like I said, there are so many reasons to visit Japan— you just need to visit and see it all for yourself!

5 Unique Experiences in Japan

Japan is a country that uniquely combines tradition and modern society. Here you will find everything from historic temples to the newest and craziest tech inventions. Japan is a country like no other!

With so many things unique to Japan, where do you start with your adventures? I suggest you check out these five unique experiences Japan has to offer and go from there.

1.Ride a Bullet Train 

All of the main islands of Japan are serviced by a bullet train.These trains called Shinkansen reach speeds up to 320km/h. You can choose to reserve your ticket in advance or buy a ticket at the station. Seats are similar to that of airplanes and come in two classes: ordinary and green car (similar to coach and the first class of an airplane.) If you plan on traveling around the country, the bullet trains are the quickest and easiest way to get around. You can buy a rail pass that allows you access to the trains duringyour entire visit.

2.Visit Kyoto’s Ancient Sites 

Ancient Kyoto boasts 17 World Heritage sites including Kinkakuji and Ryoanji, plus another 2,000 temples and shrines across the city. It was built in 794 A.D. as the imperial capital of Japan. It has been the center for Japanese culture for more than 1,000 years and is the perfect place to learn about Japan’s history and culture. Plus the gardens, landscaping, and architecture are some of the most unique in the world.

3.Spend an Overnight in a Temple

If you want an authentic Japanese experience, you have to spend an overnight in a temple. Try “the” typical Koya experience— here you sleep in a tranquil tatami-matroom. You dine on a multi-course vegetarian dinner exquisitely presented on lacquerware. But the most exciting part is the chance you get to join the monks and pilgrims for early morning prayers.


4.Soak in a Natural Hot Spring

Soaking in a natural hot spring (an Onsen) in Japan is much more than it sounds; in fact, it is a treasured pastime. The Japanese believe that the Onsen bring soakers relaxation, minerals, and good health. Depending on where you stay you will find a variety of natural hot springs in Japan to choose between— favorites include Hakone Onsen and Beppu Onsen.

5.Climb Mount Fuji

Unlike other mountains around the world, Mount Fuji is one that even beginners can climb. That being said you do need to plan carefully and consider the weather and other climbing factors. The best time to climb is during the months of July and August when the weather is best. The average climbing time is 5-10 hours and descending takes about 3-4 hours. Many people time their climb between sun rise and sunset, but you can extend your time and stay overnight.


These five experiences are definitely unique to Japan, but there are many more things to do and see while you are here. Contact me,and I will arrange a fabulous itinerary for your vacation to Japan.

Love from Japan x 


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