Arabian Nights

Why Jordan? You ask.

The world is full of amazing places to visit, and unfortunately, Jordan is an area that is often overlooked. The Middle East is frequently associated with violence and or misunderstood. But, Jordan is the one place in the middle east without danger. It is a destination that even a lady traveling alone feels safe to visit.

Jordan is part of the Holy Land, and is one of only a few locations in the world where history and geography are so closely intertwined; every landmark, sight, and destination has a tie to history including the must-see Petra.

The food is to die for — olives, hummus, baba ghanoush, falafel, and a wide selection of authentic Mediterranean food that you are going to love!!!

If you ask me, Jordan is an absolute must-see!


5 Experiences Every Visitor of Jordan

True, Jordan is in the Middle East, but that doesn’t mean it is a violent or scary place. Just like you shouldn’t formulate an opinion of people based on their race or sex, you shouldn’t formulate an opinion on a country based on its location. Jordan is safe, hospitable, and features lost cities and incredible food.

Discover this peaceful country, meet the friendly locals, and most importantly have these five experiences!!


Explore Petra

Just about everyone has heard of Petra, but if you aren’t familiar with this beautiful place, it is a city built into a mountain side. This national treasure took 50 years to carve into the stone, and then it took many more years to make it the city it is today. Petra is simply beautiful, and it is the number one tourist destination in the country.

Don’t make the mistake that many visitors do by thinking you can see Petra in an hour or two; you need at least one day and one night there to experience everything. Other than just being in awe of this gem you can climb the rocks and take in amazing views, ride camels, and dine at fabulous restaurants.

You can not leave before you have experienced Petra by Night! At nightfall, the Treasury is lit up by hundred of candles along the mile long trail. Everyones its quietly in awe and enjoys the peaceful serenity of this beautiful sight. Only a clear night with hundreds of stars above make this experience better.

Spend a Night in the Famous Wadi Rum

As you research places to visit while in Jordan you are likely to stumble upon the UNESCO World Heritage protected desert known as Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum has a moon or Mars like appearance with its unusual colors and terrain — it unlike anything you have ever seen. What you may not find in your research about Wadi Rum are all the things you will miss out on if you do not spend the night — the golden-red sunset is only the beginning! Stay at a Bedouin camp. Take a 4×4 excursion through the desert, ride camels, enjoy a bon fire and some incredible star gazing, eat traditional Bedouin food and a delicious Bedouin tea. It will be an experience you’ll remember forever.

Float in the Dead Sea

Oceans and Seas are typically big attractions for travelers, and the Dead Sea is no exception. However, you need to adjust your expectations a bit. You won’t becoming to the Dead Sea to swim and splash around. At 37% salinity, the Dead Sea is eight times saltier than the ocean. Because of the massive amount of salt, there are no living things in the sea and everything floats. When I say everything, that includes you— It is impossible to swim in the Dead Sea.

Jump on in and watch as your body effortlessly float. I would suggest you avoid getting the water in your mouth or eyes as it tastes horrid and will burn your eyes. Don’t forget to cover yourself in the Dead Sea mud— your skin will thank you after.

Explore Amman

Amman is not a city rich in history, but it is the perfect place to experience the Middle East. The city has two distinct areas for you to visit: Western Amman has cafes, bars, galleries, and modern malls; while Eastern Amman is much more traditional and is full of local culture.

Located in the center of the city is a bustling down town area that features maze-likestreets. On the outskirts of town, you will find rolling hills that overlook the city as well as some spectacular Roman ruins. Here you will also find the International – Standard Museum as well as several mosques. Amman is where you will find an authentic Jordanian experience!

World Class Cuisine

Foodies love visiting Jordan because there is no better place to dine on authentic Mediterranean food. There is no shortage of olives, hummus, baba ghanouj, falafel, and other Mediterranean favorites.

A specialty and also the national dish of Jordan is Mansaf. Mansaf is a massive plate of rice and lamb covered in a yogurt sauce. You roll the rice, lamb, and sauce around in your hand and then quickly pop it into your mouth. It is such a large and filling meal that social traditions suggest it be eaten on the weekends when you can come together with family and friends and enjoy a tasty communal meal together. But, whenever the opportunity arises, you must enjoy this meal while in Jordan.

Explore these five amazing experiences and realize that Jordan is a country worth visiting. Contact me with any questions, and let me help you make arrangements to experience all Jordan has to offer!

Love from Jordan x 


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