Embark on a Spiritual Journey

If you are looking to take an inner or outer journey that feeds their soul, this is the post for you. I am going to share my spiritual journeys here and explain how and why I define them that way.

You may find me to be a little crazy by what I am going about to share, but stick with me for a little bit — it will be worth it.

I grew up in Brazil where the population is emerged in religions with the dominant religion being Catholicism. I was raised going to a Catholic Church on Sundays, a Spiritism/Kardecism center/temple on Mondays, and an Anglican Church on Wednesdays — yes I know, that is a lot of time spent going to church.

From the time I was very young, I believed in God, past lives, and that all of us have a purpose in life that is bigger than we think. Throughout my travels, I have become more in touch with the spiritual part of myself, and I have experienced many spiritual lessons. In addition to everything I grew up believing, I now think that we are born each lifetime needing to “wake up.” What I mean by that is that once we mature we need to recognize in ourselves all of the things we have learned in previous lives and then once we do, our jobs are to grow as much as we can before the next.

I have sometimes found that a trip to a spiritual/sacred/holy place might just be what the soul needs. Being in the presence of all things spiritual often opens the doors for that first awakening. Once you are awake, then the opportunity to grow flourishes beyond even your wildest dreams. You build on what you have learned in the past, tapping unconsciously or with vague awareness, into the perfected lessons, finally reaching that point of conscious mastery.

If you are looking to take a spiritual journey, the focus needs to be on personal growth, discovery and sacred experiences. It involves visiting spiritual hotspots, tapping into ancient cultures and philosophies, trying meditation, rituals, prayers, and ceremonies you would probably not partake in back home.

Now, I should make a few things clear about taking a spiritual journey — in my experience, when people begin to think about taking a trip like this the anxiety rises up like black smoke. We have a hard time imagining we could be transported into a universe where all might become clear and easy. You just have to push past the anxiety because most people find they are changed forever – in a good way.

A Spiritual Awakening – My Journey to Kamalaya Koh Samui to Reawaken My Spirit.

I needed this trip knowing that I needed to settle my nerves and reawaken my senses. Work, relationships, and life, in general, had become a bit overwhelming. To avoid being fazed by the daily drudgery, I settled into a satisfactory state of numbness. I figured that you can’t feel the weight of the world on your shoulders if you can’t feel anything. But then I felt a pulling to change, and Kamalaya Koh Samui was the change I needed. If you are ready to change everything like me, then you too need to visit Thailand and the Kamalaya Koh Samui!!

I choose the Embracing Change Wellness Program.

The Embracing Change Wellness Program is intended to focus on exploring one’s inner life and emotional disposition. This is ideal for someone looking to enrich their emotional wellbeing and fulfill their life purpose.  The focus throughout the program is to explore one’s emotional habits and address current life situations with useful tools to restore emotional balance.  The program is suitable for anyone seeking support for life changes and challenging life situations of any kind, as well as for targeting behaviors such as emotionally-driven eating habits, relationship issues including loss or break-ups, work-related difficulties, or anxiety and grief. This program offers an experience of self-discovery and growth both during the immersion in the program as well as a continuation with tools to take back home.

My schedule included several appointments per day with a one-on-one mentor Rajesh Ramani who helped me clear my busy mind. THANK YOU RAJESH, I learned so much from you!! It also included multiple meditation sessions which I greatly enjoyed. I indulged in massages, acupuncture, and reiki sessions with Ronan Cullen. I had life sessions with Wayne Walker who helped me discover my past life. Patti Brito instructed my enlightened bodywork sessions and provided me with many other amazing experiences.

In between my treatments and mentoring sessions, I enjoyed several fitness holiday activities, meditations, chanting and I had a great time at the beach where I was always welcomed by the constantly smiling Kris. Kris always had a beach chair with fresh coconut for one of the broad range of drinks available from detox juices to delicious smoothies set up and ready for me. I even joined the community table one even. There I meet other solo travelers; People from across the world and from many walks of life but we already had something in common — our holistic love.

So would I say I am healed? I think so but who knows. I feel like a new woman. I left with a smile on my face and strength in my body and soul. I am ready to head out and take on the world, and that says something.

Do You Need a Change?

Are you ready to change everything? Make your way to Kamalaya and work on you. Enjoy the wonderful and caring people who take care of you and the exceptional bodyworkers, acupuncturists. Enjoy the amazing food, and beautiful rooms. Remember who you were born to be. Shut your brain off and learn how to just “be” again.

There is nothing profound about the idea that one needs to turn within to achieve a sense of calm. You likely already know this, and yes, I too have heard it and done it all before. I’ve had glimpses of this in meditation, but for some reason, a workshop or a cleanse alone didn’t do the trick. I had to immerse myself for two weeks in a setting that could allow a total and complete change. Being in an environment that is deeply connected with Mother Nature and lets you be who you are is vital. Spending every minute of the day dedicated to getting to know yourself again. That’s the beauty of Kamalaya and especially this program. Here you approach self-awareness from various angles over five to seven days. Because everything is interwoven it all starts making sense very quickly. When your time is complete, you ascend feeling connected with your true self, your needs, and your emotions. You have a newfound deep understanding of who you are, which fills you with great peace and a sense of completeness. 

If you have the chance to come to Kamalaya, I’d recommend at least 7 days. The more time you have to reconnect with yourself, the more profound and more ground-breakingly transformational it will be. You need at least 3 days to start to unwind and dabble in what you think is your inner world. After the fifth day, you really start to go within, moving from your mind into your heart. You get to know yourself on a deeper and perhaps unknown level. I highly recommend the Embracing Change program and suggest it to anyone who is seeking a change in scenery or whose life has become a bit stale. It’s not one of those weeks where you have a tremendous detox and return back to your old lifestyle with your old habits that keep weighing you down. Instead, it provides a solid foundation for the life you truly want to live. You can then return and implement the little exercises and diet changes, which you’ve experienced hands-on during this retreat, without feeling overwhelmed and allowing you to make choices and decisions from a completely different space.

One of the best things about Kamalaya is you have the choice to be as busy or as relaxed as you want. Choose from their selection of programs or simply enjoy wellness a la carte. I would suggest that you don’t miss the floating lanterns session on Friday nights, which are a special opportunity to send your wishes and dreams out into the world in the traditional Thai method.

A spiritual journey to Kamalaya is an experience that you will be able to treasure for the rest of your life and that nobody can take away from you. Forever, you’ll have a sense of peace in your heart that you can always return to. 

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